About me

Ing. Boleslav Vraný, Ph.D.


Doctoral degree from the Faculty of Math and Physics of the Charles University where I defended my doctoral thesis “Measurement of amplitude and phase of ultrashort optical pulses by using nonlinear processes in optical fibers” in 2010. Engineering degree from the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague. The subject of my diploma thesis was “Optimization of a picosecond spectroflurometer with TCSPC detection and laser excitation.”

I also studied Catholic theology at the Catholic Theological Faculty of the Charles University. I focused on the spirituality of work and what the social encyclicals say about work as our cooperation with God. I publish my religious views on a separate page, Víra jednoho technika (Faith of an Engineer).


Programming in C#, C/C++, Java, Visual Basic 6, on MS Windows and IIS, C/C++. Database in MS SQL Server. Also assembler programming at Cortex M0, Atmel AVR and 8051 microchips. Optical fibers, lasers, modern optics.

Language skills

Fluent in English, can read Russian

Curriculum vitae for download

You can download my CV here.